My name is Juan Petry. I am ENTP and business consultant and conceptual artist. Most of my art works are social sculptures. anyFREE is such an art project. I invite you to partizipate as an entrepreneur / high-potential. Join the core team now!

We will organize a social space where everybody could travel (without fees, taxes and bills). If You will use the service of free travel later, please follow us on twitter . On Twitter we announce news around anyFREE and the first and every new release of its services!

In December 2020 (20.12. till 03.01.) i will form a core team of entrepreneurs and high-potentials. We develop a think tank around the principal idea of anyFREE and work together some days in december in the house of the dragon – CASAdelDRAGON – in Cervera del Maestre, a beautiful village near the coast in the mountains of El Maestrazgo, part of Pais Valenciano in Spain. The core group shall be limited to 8 members (7 plus me).

In 2021 we will role out a first productive sample (service, website, app, social media stuff). Startup. Its time for a challenge.

Your investment:
– arrival and departure at own expense
– 7 days of intensive working 20.12.-03.01.2020 * ** ***
– your knowledge

* If you are interested in anyFREE but not able to join the core team in december 2020 – or you meet this page later as november 2020 – you should apply anyway for partizipation in the future.

** If you are not able to move – caused by restrictions in Spain or in your country – we will organize daily jour-fix on video panels to syncronize the work flow. Apply anyway and add your circumstances.

*** Accomodation in the CASAdelDRAGON is free. We share the other cost of living (food, energy…).

We will guard and handle your data carefully (out printed) and we will invite you to later session meetings.

Your advantage:
– free accommodation in spain
– 7 days in a social project you never forget
– connection and friendship to 7 other high-potentials
– my knowledge (about community, management, culture)
be part of the Startup from beginning

To apply for the core team we want to know your MBTI, a proofed sientific personality test. Its online and free. Use the online service to get your MBTI – code (you spend a few minutes and you will enjoy the result). After sending your application we will select the team as soon as possible and publish the members of the core team on this website. Also we will announce new releases of anyFREE and other stuff. Follow us on twitter please.

Next step:
– we check your application (core team selecting deadline will be latest 14.11.2020)
– we nominate 7 members as soon as possible
– every nominated member get a notice (latest 15.11.2020)
– every core team member get a personal briefing
– every applicant get a notice about the status by mail (after nomination)

By any further questions please use the public email given on the About page.