We want to share some facts about anyFREE. If you´d like to discover more, please apply for membership to our core group.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
(Winston Churchill)

anyfree user
anyfree user

The potential user of anyFREE.

You need access to a smartphone, tablet or pc and to the internet to use anyFREE. For Germany with 82,6 Mio. inhabitants we annonce 82,6 Mio. possible users. Accessible Web will not limit this total number.

The important words are access to. If the grandchild is pressing the button for the grandfather, the grandfather becomes a user.

Many users will have multiple accounts, especially if they are acting on behalf of companies or other entities.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein
anyfree service
anyfree service

anyFREE and its main service

The main service of anyFREE will be to help the donor to find the right recipient. The anyFREE donor is assured their donation will be taken by a qualified member of the group of anyFREE users.

This will help the donor to donate and, of course, it will help everybody to become a member of the group of anyFREE users.

Competitor travel-share companies are doing something similar, but anyFREE will do it in a different and much more efficient way and – important for the market – free of charge for the transaction!

In order to offer this service permanently free of charge, anyFREE implements a completely new revolutionary business model. There will be no client and no employee, there will be only users with their accounts.


Another target of anyFREE is to reduce the amount of user-effort for their mobility. Therefore anyFREE will implement ´puts´ and ´calls´ in its service.

anyfree put

A put is the offer to provide a seat in a car on defined day, time, departure and arrival – symbolized by

 A call is an enquiry whether someone will travel from one place to another – symbolized by anyfree call

anyFREE will coordinate both.

Both put and call will be implemented within a time span. This opens the door for a long distance put as an example, to take calls from nearby locations of departure or arrival.

Also anyFREE will implement a service to identify similar puts and will keep the following- user informed about similar transport going from the same departure to the same arrival at the same day.

anyFREE service will be much more flexible. It will link the puts and calls of one user.

Example: Mr. Smith wants to go from Paris to Nice. He can take his own car, or ride in another car. anyFREE will offer Mr. Smith to make a put&call at the same time. Later Ms. Smart is checking her options to join a trip from Paris to Nice. Now she is able to decide whether she´d like to travel in her own car (then she will take the call of Mr. Smith) or if she´d like to be a passenger in the car of Mr. Smith (then she will take Mr. Smith´s put). anyFREE knows about the link between put&call of Mr. Smith and will deactivate and hide the option which was not taken by Ms. Smart.

The goal: anyFREE will reduce traffic/emissions without reducing mobility!

There is a great demand everywhere in the world for individual mobility. People like the fact they are not on somebody else’s schedule. They can come and go as they please. William Clay Ford, Jr.

Mobility is much more than driving a car


anyFREE will offer a service to manage trips with cars but also with motorbikes, motorboats, airplanes, trains etc. And anyFREE will offer much more.

Example: Ms. Smart booked a flight from Berlin to Barcelona. She has a lot of luggage and she decides some days before to hire a cab from Barcelona airport to Tarragona centre. She published a put – Barcelona BCN Airport > Tarragona centre on anyFREE. She could do this because she knows her arrival date and time. Mr. Smith will take this offer because he is a valid member of anyFREE and he knows that he arrives at the same day one hour before.

Another example: In Germany and various other countries railway companies offer travelcards (sometimes called job-tickets). Most of them allow a second passenger for free on weekends and public holidays. Ms. Smart regularly offers trips with her job-ticket on weekends in Cologne. Now she is in Paris and checks anyFREE for a lift from Charles de Gaule Airport to the city.

According to game theory long-term cooperative behavior is rewarded with success. anyFREE will bring people with similar access to transport solutions together. From this point of view any transport vehicle could be offered with the anyFREE service.

The goal: one service – one solution – one interface – anyFREE is your future mobility.