Moving animals

Moving animals – anyFREE will help NGOs and private people with animals

A friend of mine is working for a local NGO (Non-Gouvernment Organisation) in France. This NGO rescues dogs and cats from death syringe. In France and many other countries are special public centers to guard lost animals. They will be killed after 2-3 weeks, if no owner is reported or no new owner will take them out of the center.

We have abolished the death penalty for humans, so why should it continue for animals? Brigitte Bardot

My friend – as many other people in the world – try to rescue these animals. Most of the times the problem is not, to find a new home. The problem is, to find a transport solution for this animal.

anyFREE will offer as part of its service, to move cats and dogs – and other little animals as well – from one place to another.

An example: Ms Smart is willing to take a dog, she is living in Berlin. She is in contact with Mr. Smith, working for a NGO in Nice. Mr. Smith offer Charly, a nice fox terrier and send photos by mail. Ms Smart falls in love immediately. Mr. Smith defines a call for a travel of Charly. The call on anyFREE implies detailed information about the dog, the transport solution, customs and veterinary papers.

Another example: Ms Smart is on a nice holiday trip at her house in Spain. This country is full of lost dogs and cats (even bread noble once). She help one day in a week in a center for lost animals and she meet a lost little cat of 9 month with papers. She loves this cat. But she know, she has to leave the holiday house in 3 weeks. She could not flight back with the cat but she use anyFREE to define a call form the center in spain to her home in Vienna.

I love to think that animals and humans and plants and fishes and trees and stars and the moon are all connected. Gloria Vanderbilt

anyFREE will help my friend in south France as well as many other NGOs which rescue animals.

anyFREE will be useful for mediation of these lost animals and members of anyFREE will move them to their new homes – for free.