anyfree like unlike
anyfree like unlike

Decissions made by Like’s & UnLike’s – the truth

Using social webs, dating portals, online-shops, online support systems or faq boards you might see them often. In the roman arena it was the question of life or death. In the digital world it decides on the bonuses of the marketing experts and other employees, the assortment, the partner choice, the next business, maybe.

Is it the truth, that choices are moved by evaluating Likes and Unlikes? Does a user act like this?

anyFREE could implement a Like & Unlike button, used by driver and customer after a car-sharing trip. Maybe it reduce the risk to be contacted by a so-called black sheep.

But there are a lot of questions around:

  • If the passenger hit the unlike button, was it because of the driver, the car, the way, the weather or because of another passenger, ugly and crazy?
  • If a driver gets from one passenger a like and from another an unlike for the same trip, what does it means, and how it should be stored?
  • Should the driver be able to look the vote of a passenger before he vote?
  • Should likes and unlikes reduce the opposite vote?

Lets make a test now and be surprised by the result.